Invisalign® Invisible Braces in Upper Arlington, OH

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Invisalign® vs. Traditional Braces

Many patients choose to straighten their teeth with Invisalign instead of traditional braces because the clear braces method is so discreet. If you are self-conscious about your appearance and do not want people to notice you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, Invisalign may be perfect for you. Your teeth will gradually shift into their new positions with the gentle pressure applied from the aligner trays. You will feel minimal discomfort during this process and can look forward to a beautiful new smile in a matter of months.

Key Benefits of Invisalign

  • Fast and effective orthodontic treatment option
  • High success rates
  • Suitable for teens and adults
  • Can treat overcrowding and fix gaps between teeth
  • Discreet teeth straightening solution
  • Removable for special events or when cleaning and flossing
  • Custom made for the patient to ensure ideal results

What to Expect with Invisalign

The Invisalign clear braces solution is an attractive alternative to metal braces and is completely customized for the patient. Dr. TJ Imm is an authorized provider of this orthodontic treatment and will make sure you achieve lasting results in the shortest amount of time possible. We use a special software program and digital technologies to take impressions of your teeth before having a lab make your set of aligner trays. You will receive a new set of aligners every few weeks as your teeth move into their new position.

Actual Results


This-26-year old female believed there wasn’t enough room within her jaw for all of her teeth to fit normally. Her doctor told her that when left untreated, overly crowded teeth can cause dental decay, and increase in the chances of gum disease, and can prevent the normal function of teeth. She was treated with Invisalign over the course of approximately 10 months.



This 27-year-old female was unhappy that her upper and lower jaws seemed to be misaligned. This caused her upper teeth to bite on the inside of her lower teeth, and she could tell it was causing excessive wear. Her doctors told her this issue could also cause gum disease and bone loss. Her Invisalign treatment lasted approximately nine months.



Best Candidates for Invisalign

Patients with the following are typically good candidates for Invisalign:

  • Overcrowding
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • No signs of gum disease
  • Gum defects
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite or overbite
Invisalign Tray

Get the beautiful smile you have always wanted without metal braces. Learn more about Invisalign® by scheduling your appointment at 5 Points Advanced Dentistry today!