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Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced Dentistry Solutions for Every Patient

Dr. TJ Imm works to stay ahead of emerging trends and digital technologies in the field of dentistry and incorporate some of the most innovative techniques and products into our services. Whether you are coming in for your oral cancer screening and need dental x-rays or are undergoing advanced dentistry procedures, we will tailor your treatment using proven products, methodologies and techniques.

I have been a patient with here for over seven years, when I moved to Columbus. His practice is one of the best practices. He and his staff are excellent professionals that provide excellent care.Dean C.

OralDNA® Salivary Diagnostics

OralDNA® Labs

We make use of OralDNA® labs for salivary diagnostics and tests for periodontal disease. When you come in for an oral evaluation, we may perform periodontal testing or salivary tests to test for oral HPV-related oral cancers. These are efficient and effective testing methods that allow us to determine the state of your oral health relatively easily.

MI Paste Plus™

We often recommend MI Paste Plus™ to patients that are at a higher risk for developing cavities. This topical tooth creme can be applied daily and is enhanced with fluoride to protect the teeth. Benefits of MI Paste Plus™ include:

  • Helps desensitize the teeth
  • Does not irritate dry mouths
  • Can be claimed on insurance as a fluoride treatment
  • Suitable for almost all patients
  • Safe and easy to use at home

Other Advanced Dental Technologies

Our office is equipped with digital dental x-rays and other digital technologies that help speed up appointment times while helping us provide an accurate diagnosis. You can look forward to painless dental visits thanks to digital x-rays and other technologies. We use:

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