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Meet Our Exceptional Dental Team

Our Office Manager



As office manager, Becky enjoys seeing patients get excited about their dental care and overall health. She also enjoys interacting with patients on the phone and in person, and helping patients understand their insurance and financial responsibility. She enjoys working at Five Points Advanced Dentistry because they have an amazing team, and everyone works together to provide the highest quality care to each and every patient, and also takes care of each other. She loves how rewarding it is to see patients’ lives transformed as a result of their dental treatment.

When not working, Becky enjoys spending time with her husband Eric and their fur babies, as well as spending time outdoors in nature. She enjoys gardening, canning, cooking, grilling out and spending time with loved ones. Becky has a strong faith, and she enjoys each day as it comes and appreciates the small things in life. Her favorite place to be is on her property enjoying the outdoors with her husband.

She is from St. Clairsville, Ohio, and often visits her mom there.

Our Dental Hygienists


Kim – RDH

As a dental hygienist, Kim enjoys getting to know her patients and helping them with their health. She works hard to make a difference for her patients and to give back. She enjoys caring for all her patients to help them strive toward optimal health. She loves that she works with a great team at Five Points Advanced Dentistry. Kim holds an Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene and has been a dental hygienist for over 26 years.

When not working, Kim enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband Steve and three daughters Katie, Lydia and Maggie. She also enjoys spending time with friends, and someday would like to travel more.


Kate – RDH

As a dental hygienist, Kate helps patients with education and oral health maintenance, as well as sterilization of instruments. She loves that she works with some of the best people and they get to treat some really great patients. She also enjoys providing comprehensive care to her patients and being able to educate them on the impact that good oral health has on their overall health. Kate received a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene from The Ohio State University, and holds certifications in local anesthesia and nitrous oxide.

When not working, Kate enjoys traveling, finding new food and coffee shops around Columbus, studying theology, hosting dinners, and hanging out with friends and family. Her parents immigrated from Ukraine and she comes from a very large family. She grew up speaking Ukrainian and loves the food and culture. Someday she would love to tour the South of France.

Our Dental Assistants



Josie is a certified dental assistant who helps patients reach their optimal health and wellness by educating them on their oral health. She also enjoys helping make her patients’ day – even if it’s something small, she sees how a little positivity can go a long way. She loves how Five Points Advanced Dentistry is different from most practices – they focus on not just teeth, but overall wellness and how oral health plays a part in that. She also appreciates that there is opportunity for growth in her job and the industry, as it continuously evolves. Josie graduated from the Maumee Valley Dental Assisting School and is currently enrolled in The Ohio State University’s expanded function dental assisting program.

When not working, Josie enjoys spending time outdoors camping or hiking. She also enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband Tom (and their golden retriever Daisy and rescue puppy Jenkins), as well as enjoying the company of friends. She loves to travel and hopes to continue to travel as much as she can, as she appreciates how seeing new places can change her perspective of the world.



Katy graduated from Otterbein University with a Bachelor of Arts in Allied Health, and holds a Certification in Radiology. She has also completed dental assistant training in order to provide the highest level of care possible to patients. Katy has always had a desire to work in the healthcare field, and after receiving a great deal of dental work throughout her life, she decided to become a dental assistant to help others with their dental care needs.

Katy’s favorite part of her role as a dental assistant is the opportunity to learn something new each day from Dr. Imm and her colleagues. She is passionate about building and developing relationships with patients, and enjoys helping them improve their dental health while giving them a positive experience.

When Katy is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, hosting game nights with her friends, traveling, and trying new activities with her husband, Nick, such as tennis and golf.



Julia is a dental hygienist and expanded functions dental assistant who spends her time performing cleanings, placing fillings, and taking radiographs for her patients. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from The Ohio State University, as well as certifications in local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. She loves who she works with at Five Points Advanced Dentistry and how well they work together as a team – as they all share the common goal of promoting optimal health for their patients. Her favorite part of working in the dental industry is that she can build relationships and help create beautiful smiles.

When not working, Julia enjoys spending time with her husband Nick and entertaining their mini goldendoodles Rizzo and Ernie. She also enjoys playing tennis, visiting new restaurants and breweries, and visiting family in Toledo and Detroit (she recently moved here from Toledo for her husband’s residency at OSU). Someday she would like to visit as many national parks as possible.